Chippy Gangee


Resume – Chippy Gangee

Chippy’s next theatrical role will be his 100th production.

Chippy has acted in well over a dozen Television Serials and a few Movies too. Notable among the ‘characters’ played by him are: The Brahmin (Lead role) in Shankar Nag’s Malgudi Days, The detective (Leading Man) in Paravento Films’ Professor Vasan, The Evil Indian Rajah (Lead Indian Role)in a Hollywood Film shot by Amritraj Inc. in Bangalore, entitled Jungle Boy and The Landlord in the triple Award winning The Outhouse Directed by Leslie Carvalho.

He has also directed a half dozen or so stage productions.

Chippy the Man, is an Artist, Art Promoter/Dealer, a free-lance Journalist
and a Human Resources Consultant, emphasizing Communication Skills.

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