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"Y2K - AOK" 

Hello from Surfview.com.  It's been a while since I reported in.  While I have been running the website and posting new content on an ongoing basis, it's only recently that I'm able to devote more time to it on a full time basis.

Since August of 1997, up until June of 1999, I have been working long hours for a stocks and bonds brokerage business, here in the LA area.  In June of 1999, I retired from my position as Senior V.P. of Management Information Systems, to go on a two year hiatus (or longer if I can swing it), to pursue my entertainment business interests.

The first thing that I did was enroll in film classes at UCLA and AFI.   Since June, I've taken four classes : Dramatic Editing, Directing, Cinematography and Blue Screen Lighting.  The classes have been wonderful. The Directing class was taught by Ronald Neame (director of POSEIDON ADVENTURE and THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE, to name a couple.)  The plunge into film classes was a great change from the hectic world of running a computer department, where I had responsibility for a staff of four and the computer infrastructure for a 70-person central office with 150-branch offices.  I'm glad for the experience and to have saved up enough cash to not have to be an employee for at least a couple of years.

Oh, I forgot.  Along with the film classes, I finished my fourth screenplay this last summer and early fall (1999).  It's a high-concept comedy about the lower-rungs of the film business. 

What else has happened? I bought a Canon XL1, with lots of accessories, including buckshot microphone, two lavalier microphones, zoom extender, Sony Video-Walkman, 3-hour battery packs, chargers of course, and assorted filters and lenses.  With time I'll combine them in some creative fashion.  

Now, I'm ready for Y2K. I'm not in fear of problems happening, moreover, I'm ready for the creative future.

What's in store in 2000 for Surfview.com?

  • I will be more religious about updating the INVESTORS SEEKING PROJECTS section, particularly the Finance and Industry Companies listings.  These are a great hit with viewers of this site.

  • I will be producing a public access TV show about filmmaking.   If you participate in any aspect of the film business and you think you have something interesting and informative to say, I'd love to feature you on the show.   Send me some e-mail at tessier@surfview.com or call me at (623)298-5034.  (Until I have the show name trademarked along with a domain name registered, I will hold off on telling you what the show is called.)

  • I will put my Canon XL1 and non-linear editing system to use for myself and to help other people who need an extra camera for coverage. (If you're in LA and you need someone to videotape something for you, while I'm a rookie, if I have time and I like your project, I'll do it for tape.  One new one-hour miniDV tape for each hour on the set. (Companies, like http://edgewisemedia.com, sell them 10 for $70; you do the math).

  • More streaming content will be added to the Surfview(TM) Guide available from the main Surfview.com menu.   The Surfview Guide includes Surfview.com trailers, shorts, features, as well as the most complete list available of links to other indie and TV webcasters.  "Streaming Indies" can only get hotter!

  • I'll keep adding money generating devices, like selling film books, etc.  If you want to support this site and you buy stuff over the internet, be it books, CDs, videos, etc., visit http://www.surfview.com/selobby.htm and know that when you buy something, a small but appreciated fraction of your Amazon.com purchase goes to maintain this site.  (Note,  it doesn't cost you any more than if you had bought it directly through Amazon.)

So, in a nutshell, I'm back.  I have more time to improve this website and to expand my knowledge of the world of entertainment.  I look forward to helping producers raise money via http://www.surfview.com, to promote indie webcasting through http://www.surfview.com/guide.htm and to get more hands-on experience in entertainment production.

Y2K is AOK.  I'm ready for it and looking forward to less distractions as Surfview.com advances into the new millenium.

Your thoughts and suggestions are always appreciated.  Please feel free to drop me a line.  Thanks.

James E. Tessier
Editor, Surfview Entertainment ™  http://www.surfview.com

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