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Zip Code (or first 3 numbers)
Area Code
Democrats tend to be better prospects than conservative Republicans.  There is a site that shows where Democrats have contributed the most.  Those blue-gray areas on that map could be great potential fishing holes .  Choose by 3-character zip or county for fine-tuning inside a state. If you are free to choose anywhere, you might want to pick a state where there is low unemployment,  (a place where successful business owners and executives are doing well). While looking at the two previous ideas for fine tuning, make a list of states that look promising.  And then place an order for a large quantity that includes all your choices of states. Diversify and profit!
You will receive a file with the individual's name, their business name, 
business address  and business phone number.  
(Sorry, no e-mail addresses or fax numbers are available.) 

Leads are refreshed every 3 months.  You will receive the newly updated contact info, as well as the new leads acquired through the most recent speculative millionaire investment activity, (monitored by expensive computer systems tracking new brokerage accounts and actual trades made).  This means your leads will be as fresh as possible.

Good news --  there are no D-N-C constraints when you contact businesses.

If you want home contact leads instead,  when ordering, you will need to supply a 
Subscription Account Number (SAN),  available through

Note, each lead is tracked individually with your customer number.  
This means that you can't possibly receive the same leads again, when you come back for more.

Purchaser must agree to use the leads for a single enterprise and to not sell, trade or give them to anyone. 

Your investment in leads includes free e-mail delivery to you in any Microsoft Access exportable format. 
You can also order labels or have your file sent to you on floppy or CD.  Specify your needs when ordering.

Here at MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM, we aren't only interested in sales -- we're interested in CUSTOMERS.  Repeat customers.  So, we keep track of the quantity you have purchased (to date) and give you an accumulative quantity price break on your new purchases.  Example: you buy 5,000 Millionaire Risk Takers leads today  for .16 each.  On your next order you buy another 5,000.  Your new price isn't .16 -- it's now .15, because your accumulative total is now 10,000 (see table below).  
Another exclusive benefit for choosing MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM.
Some list brokers promise their leads to be 92% contactable.  To beat that, MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM is the first service to offer you 100% contactable leads!  Why pay for dud leads?  If you buy eggs and every time, one out of each dozen is bad, would that be acceptable?  MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM doesn't think so, either.  That's why you are offered an exclusive 100% Contactable Guarantee.   Here's how it works.  You can return the un-contactable leads (only if bought within the last 45 calendar days).   A random 10 of those returned will be tested by MILLIONAIRELADS.COM.  Whatever percentage of those 10 are proven un-contactable will be applied toward the total quantity returned as un-contactable.  You will be credited with that resulting quantity toward your next purchase.  Hypothetical example: you buy 5,000.  Within 45 calendar days of purchase, you return 250 as un-contactable (5%).  MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM tests a random 10 of those 250 and say all 10 of those 10 (100%) prove to be un-contactable. (If only 9, then 90%., 8, then 80%, etc.)  So, for this example, 100% of 250 is applied as a credit  toward your next order. Later, you place a new order for, say, 5,000.  The 250 leads credited are added to your new order quantity, resulting in your receiving 5,250 for the price of 5,000.  
Could that be any fairer?  Stop paying for dud un-contactable leads.  
With MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM you invest only in 100% contactable leads!

Millionaire Leads ™  

Millionaire Risk Takers


Speculative millionaires who have participated in IPOs, penny stocks, limited partnerships, commodities and other  risky ventures.

Popular with  producers, brokers, financial planners and realtors

For finding

active investors, passive investors and millionaire clients


Price (each)
15,000+ .14
10,000-14,999 .15
5,000-9,999 .16
4,000-4,999 .17
3,000-3,999 .18 
2,000-2,999 .19 
1,000-1,999 .20 
100-999  .25
Order at least 5,000 leads (in one order) and receive your choice of :

Free Premium -- Choice #1

Free Premium -- Choice #2

A free 3-month subscription 
to Levels 2 & 3 of
"the leader in independent equity timing"

(a $75 value)

By using , not only do you receive your millionaire leads the quickest, you can also be confident that your credit card number won't be disclosed to any other businesses (including MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM).  
New customers -- this should eliminate any worry that you might have over doing business with us, since the only company that will see your credit card number is PayPal (owned by the Fortune 500 company, EBay).

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