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Budget Preparation & Referral

In the "Budget/Use Of Proceeds" section of your business plan, you will need to enumerate your various forseeable expenses. In order to do this thoroughly, you may need the help of a bona fide Production Manager, Line Producer, Unit Production Manager, or equally knowledgable person.

Beyond production expenses, remember to include dollar estimates for your subsequent festival, private screenings, electronic press kit, unit photography and other applicable marketing entries. And don't forget to include dollars for legal and accounting fees needed for partnership and distribution contracts formation and audits.

The bottom line is, before you attempt to raise dollars for your production, make sure that your budget is complete. Your active investors don't want to hear later on that you actually need more than you orignally thought. Get your budget right upfront!

If you don't already have access to a knowledgable and experienced budget preparer, you can contact Completion Bond Companies and ask them for a reference. (Your investors may require that you obtain a completion bond. So, it may be important that whomever you pick to prepare your budget, that he/she be able to prepare one that will be acceptable to the insurer.)

Here is a list of Budget Preparers Seeking Clients that may be helpful to you.

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