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Business Plan & Referral

A business plan is critical to attracting an active investor. While there can be a lot of lattitude in what is included, the following outline can be helpful in preparing a thorough one.


  • Excutive Summary
  • Introduction (Setting of the Stage)
  • Status of the Independent Producer
  • General Company Description
  • Management and Organization (narrative biographies)
  • The Proposed Film
  • Film Synopis/Treatment
  • Screenplay Rights
  • Comparable Box Office Performances (or distributor rentals)
  • Production of the Picture
  • Budget / Use of Proceeds
  • Distribution Approach
  • Funding of the Picture and Cofinancing
  • Industry Overview
  • Exhibits
  • Resumes of Principals
  • Literary Property Option / Acquisition Agreements
  • Financial Statement
  • Letters of Interest / Intent
  • Industry Articles
  • Press Coverage
  • Financial Projections
  • Title Report
  • Copyright Search Report
  • Chain of Title Documents
  • Certificate of Authorship for the Screenplay
  • Copy of Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Assignment
  • Distribution Agreement(s)
  • Completion Bond Commitment Letter
  • Corporate Resolution Authorizing the Producer to Negotiate and Sign a Financing Agreement
  • Final Screenplay and Shooting Script
  • Cast and Production Credits
  • Synopsis of the Script
  • Biographies of Key People
  • Feature Stories on Lead actors and the Director
  • Production Stills
  • Casual Cast Photos
  • Agreements Relating to the Film's Music
  • MPAA Ratings Certificate (if available - if not, projected rating)
  • E&O (Errors & Ommissions) Certificate of Insurance

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