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Publicity & Referral
Publicity can really help you in your efforts to attract active investors. While there can be a number of different appoaches, the following hints can be helpful in directing your own campaign.

Publicity Hints - Include:
  • Artwork or a working one sheet
  • The working title
  • A great log line and a short synopsis
  • Names and photos of key cast members
  • Short biographies of producer(s) and director
  • How much money you are intending to raise from active investors.
  • How to contact the producer. (Producer name, address, phone and fax numbers.)
  • Include your Surfview Entertainment URL Web ad location so that interested active investors will visit your web ad directly.

  • Surfview Entertainment offers free publicity for productions through individual and group press releases, resulting in subsequent articles in investor oriented magazines and newspapers.

    Note, It's not the amount of traffic to your web ad that is important - it's the quality of the traffic. You should want active investors. That is what Surfview Entertainment wants coming to your ad. Film buffs are great once your production is financed. But, until then, publicity should be directed to business editors and away from those of general interest.

    If you don't want to handle your own publicity and you're looking for more personal attention than Surfview Entertainment can give you, (if you have a budget for publicity), consider hiring one of these
    Publicists Seeking Clients.

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