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Qualifications & Registration

To qualify to have your project included in the Producers With Projects list, and to have an accompanying Web ad, your project is required to have any one of the following.

  1. Attachment of an entertainment guild member. (i.e., someone from SAG, WGA, DGA, CSA, AFTRA, or other entertainment industry recognized body.)
  2. Attachment of a well-known non-guild celebrity.
  3. Recommendation from a recognized film school, institute or organization.
  4. A member from a production that has won an award from a recognized film festival or competition.
  5. Special invitation merit.

A rising independent producer who was worried that Surfview Entertainment might succumb to economic pressures and include unworthy projects, said,"You are who you hang [out] with."

It is for this concern that every effort is made to insure that the projects here have at least one enticing attachment. While "bankable" is in the eye of the active investor, at least there will be someone in each project that suggests that the venture has been deemed viable by an industry professional.

While this policy may be considered exclusive, in a more positive spin, if your project does not qualify, consider this encouragement for you to attach someone with recognizable merit.

Another positive reason for this policy is that it removes most subjective quality concerns regarding a project. It's not a matter of whether the Surfview Entertainment editor likes the project or not. It's a matter of who's attached and their professional standing. Which is what active investors want to know anyway.

I hope your project qualifies.  Let's assume it does.

After you view the registration form, print it out and mail it in with your accompanying Web ad rates form.

Thank you. I look forward to including your project.

James E. Tessier

Producer Services

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