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Reba Merrill Associates, Inc.
5652 Fallbrook Ave.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

ph. (818) 227 1200
fax (818) 227 1207


Reba Merrill is a publicist specializing in the Electronic Press Kit (EPK). With over 19 years of experience in the movie business, she has provided behind the scenes footage for major motion pictures as well as for independent productions.

As a member of the Motion Picture Academy, with a successful career established, Reba Merrill has a strong desire to give back to the industry. Working with independent film producers she often does the EPK at cost. She realizes the importance of the behind the scenes footage needed for a distributor to successfully market the film.

Reba says, "Often independent producers come to me too late. They'll give me talked over 8mm footage of the catering service and it will be useless. You have to know what to shoot and be there when the principal photography is being done. You have to know what the entertainment news media wants to see and you have to be willing to ask the producer and director to help you get it."

In general, Reba Merrill says, "make sure your budget includes 18 to 20 thousand for the EPK, if you're expecting to complete it without a distributor. Budget around 10 thousand for the raw footage if you expect to have a distributor complete it."

EPK publicist, Reba Merrill can be reached at :
(818) 227 1200

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