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Leads:  Price & Quantity:  Refer to quantity price break at  Before ordering less than 1,500  (100 minimum), contact James Tessier at (623)298-5034 or e-mail question to  to  verify that your choice of areas is available and what the likely ETA will be..
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Unless you specify a SAN below,  you will receive the individual's name, business name,  business address and business phone.  For home Do-Not-Call compliant  leads, supply SAN.
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Examples : "Maricopa County, Arizona," "State of Rhode Island," "Long Island, NY" "Zip Code: 85016" "Phone area code: 310"
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As a list buyer, I agree to indemnify MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM and James E. Tessier  for any subsequent legal damages resulting from my usage of any list(s) purchased. Should I find grievance with James E. Tessier, I waive my rights to court litigation and agree to use a mutually acceptable third-party from the American Arbitration Association.  Knowing that James E. Tessier is dependent upon his relationship with its wholesale lead list provider, which may change from time to time, I will refrain from making claims for damages for those things that are time or occupant dependent, (for example, but not limited to: phone numbers changing or being disconnected, mail being undeliveralble due to change of address or being rejected by recipient.)  I understand that direct mail is a numbers game and there is is no implied guarantee by James E. Tessier and MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM  as to the suitability of the leads to my purposes. Should I question the potential suitability of the leads, I acknowledge that I can purchase the minimum quantity and test it before making a larger purchase. 

I acknowledge that James E. Tessier and MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM have a 100% Contactable Guarantee that allows for the replacement of un-contactable leads bought in the prior 45 days to be replaced as a credit toward the next qualifying order, using the following formula:  a random 10 leads of the returned leads  will be tested; whatever that percentage proves to be will be applied toward the total un-contactable quantity returned.  The word "contactable" is defined here as "being able to be reached by phone or mail via the lead information acquired."

As the list buyer, I also agree to use the leads for a single enterprise only - and to not to sell, trade or give away the list in any format.

Understanding these things, I agree to participate with MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM and James E. Tessier, agreeing that should the latter find fault with the nature of my phone or direct mail solicitations, or abuse of the single enterprise rule or the100% Contactable Guarantee, that I will be denied further access to leads through MILLIONAIRELEADS.COM.

Agreed to by, (signature)  Today's date:
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