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Title "Heavy Southern Nights"
Status See the new "Heavy Southern Nights" trailer.
Some distributions rights may still be available. 
Genre thriller
Producer Producer: Michael David Selig, sugartide@comcast.net
DP Director of Photography: Jorge Diaz-Amador


Title "Olive Juice"
 "Olive Juice" has been bought by Blockbuster for Domestic Video Release.  International Theatrical and Video are both available. Check out the great "Olive Juice" trailer.
Music by Joe Pesci and appearances by two of the Backstreet Boys.  Enjoy the new "Olive Juice" trailer.
D.J. Zelczak hosts  "Olive Juice" producer,  Nick Karvounis, on a special FromUSALive.com presentation.
Genre romantic comedy
Producer Nicholas Karvounis
Cast Leighanne Wallace
James Berlau

Jim Coleman
Bette Berlau
Elizabeth Auten
Ken Hastings


Title "Watershed"
Genre drama
Trailer  view the Watershed" trailer.
Director Ricardo Scipio
Cast Rudolph Martin
Kim Page


Title "Gabriela"
Genre Drama/(love story)
Producer Vincent Miller
Executive Producers Jeff Silberman,
Vincent Francillon,
Michael A. Miller and
Seth Maxwell
Cast Jaime Gomez
Seidy Lopez
Zach Galligan
Troy Winbush
Lupe Ontiveros
Stacy Haiduk
Evelina Fernandez
Frank Medrano
Sal Lopez
Steve Valentine
Danny De La Paz
Liz Torres
Lamont Bentley


Title "When"
Genre Comedy
Trailer click here to view trailer
Producer Ann Marie Spina
Director Ricardo Scipio
Cast Mackenzie Phillips  
Downtown Julie Brown  
Fabrice Morovan (ex of Milli Vanilli)  
Comedian Paul Dinello  
Spoken word artist John S. Hall  
Michael Angelos of the group Plexy  
Amy Sohn
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