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Active Investor Search

Here are some of the ways that Surfview Entertainment can help you with your Active Investor Search.

    Advertise your project at http://www.surfview.com/seprods.htm and accept our free publicity through press releases and subsequent round-up articles in investor oriented magazines and newspapers.

    Buy a direct mail lead list of "Millionaires Who Have Taken Risks" and contact active investors yourself.

    Pay for your Active Investor Search - Solo campaign.

    Pay for your part in an Active Investor Search - Group campaign.

    Receive free attention generated through other producers' Active Investor Searches and individual publicity & marketing.

    Receive free attention generated through this site's inclusion in major web search engines.

    Active investors attracted to this web site will see your production in Productions Seeking Active Investors and contact you.

    You can do your own publicity & marketing and direct potential investors to your http://www.surfview.com/yourname.htm web ad.

Producer Services

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