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Owner and editor : James E. Tessier  

Surfview Entertainment, Surfview.com™, Surfview™, Surfview Publishing™,  Surfview Licensing™ Surfview Guide™,  SurfviewRadio™, Surfview Music™, Surfview Records™ and BuyNowPLaylist™ are all trademarks owned by James E. Tessier, for web-based software, advertising and multimedia services, including, but not limited to music publishing, web broadcasting and  an Internet streaming media guide.  Our site and services are accessed and supported by a wide variety of people interested in entertainment projects -- which includes independent producers, music supervisors, artists, musicians, entertainment service advertisers and entertainment consumers. 


The Surfview Entertainment Web site was launched Oct. 17, 1996, by James E. Tessier, who noticed the bottleneck in the greenlighting of worthy films.  Seeing it as a system design problem, Tessier created a web site where producers can promote their projects.

The Web has become a great entertainment exhibition channel.  Surfview.com also hosts the Surfview Guide ™ to entertainment on demand.

To include talented songwriters in Surfivew-resident entertainment projects, Tessier created Surfview Publishing™ and Surfview Licensing™  (affiliate BMI and ASCAP publishers, respectively).  These help place songwriters' music on distributed entertainment projects,  including TV shows, movies, commercials, web sites and video games. 

Surfivew Radio™
  webcasts  Surfview Publishing™ and Surfview Licensing™   music.  The e-commerce store, Surfview Records™  sells CD's and single song downloads.  

BuyNowPlaylist™  helps broaden the exposure of Sufview Publishing and Surfview Licensing music - and it helps Internet radio stations increase their commission revenues from affiliate programs like that available through Amazon, CDBaby and CDUniverse. Surfivew Radio™  uses the technology to connect listeners to the Surfview Records™ store.

Surfview.com is also supported by commissions from your Amazon.com purchases (bought through The Lobby), Web ads, licensing fees,  Surfview Records™ sales, BuyNowPlaylist™ sales and by donations made through paypal@surfview.com

  James E. Tessier
Surfview.com owner/editor

How It Works

While other entertainment industry Web sites focus on dissemination to film industry players, Surfview Entertainment plays a complementary role, helping producers gain exposure for a broad range of needs.

"Producers With Projects" web ads are available only to productions with at least one person attached from an entertainment guild (e.g., SAG, WGA, DGA, CSA, ACE, AFTRA, etc.).  Exceptions include those productions with non-guild celebrity attachments. A complete list of qualifications can be found in Qualifications & Registration.

Producers are also encouraged to sample the wonderful music edits at http://www.surfviewpublishing.com (Surfview Publishing), and to use the music on their projects.  Licenses are issued on a sliding scale basis, accommodating most budgets.  

Surfivew Radio™ webcasts the music and  makes it easy to hear a lot of pre-cleared songs without doing a lot of clicking.   The BuyNowPlaylist™  at Surfview Radio links to Surfview Records™ which sells the songs to the public.

After a project has been completed, the Surfview site can be useful for posting a trailer and attracting a distributor - or for streaming the finished result to the viewer, through the Surfview Guide™

Beyond Web ads for producers, the Surfview.com site offers Web ads to webcasters, finance attorneys, publicists, budget and business plan preparers as well as other entities interested in the entertainment industry.

Free exposure is given to outside non-profit resources or free usage Web sites that can be helpful to producers and entertainment enthusiasts.

Always changing, the editor of Surfview Entertainment invites you to visit this site often. Your suggestions and comments are welcomed.

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