Jason Williams   /BMI

Jason William's fans often enjoy  Tom Petty, The Wallflowers, Bob Dylan, Jack Bruce, The Band and The Traveling Wilburys.

Genres: Adult Album Alternative (AAA), Indie Rock (IR), Indie Pop (IP) and Alternative Country (AC).

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        Jason Williams (misc. vocals)

Surfview Sampler Volume Seven
7-1 IR Buy Now v1:37   Excuses (3:52) WABWS-08 7480106  
7-2 AAA/IP Buy Now i:27  v2:07  i:20  v1:31 It's Criminal (4:34) KBIC-01 7464530  Krystal Baker  & Josh Mottley
7-3 AAA/AC/IR Buy Now i:21  v1:37  v:56   v1:20 Concrete  (3:41) WABAT-11 7430252 Krystal Baker  & Josh Mottley
7-4 IR/IP Buy Now i:16  v1:24 i:16  v1:35 Tables Turn (3:37) KBIC-06 7464531 Krystal Baker  & Josh Mottley
7-5 IR Buy Now i:31 v1:11 v:39  i:23 Trippin  (4:25) WABAT-09 7430250 Krystal Baker  & Josh Mottley
7-6 IR Buy Now i:17  v:56  i:27  i:28 Shake It Off  (3:15) WABAT-10 7430251 Krystal Baker  & Josh Mottley
7-7 IR Buy Now v1:40  v1:30 Free At Last (4:02) WABWS-04 7480105 Josh Mottley, Krystal Baker  and Laura Rupejko
7-8 IR Buy Now v:55  v1:06  i:15  v1:30 Why (5:21) WABWS-03 7480104 Josh Mottley, Krystal Baker  and Laura Rupejko
7-9 IR Buy Now i:31  i:14  v1:21  i:11 Keep On Truckin (5:11) SPDSL1-12 7480102  Josh Mottley

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