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Surfview Publishing

2449 E. Brown Street
Phoenix, AZ  85028

phone: (623)298-5034

e-mail: license@surfviewpublishing.com

Surfview Publishing™  is a spin-off of Surfview Entertainment®, (surfview.com), a site dedicated to the advancement of independent film development, finance, production, distribution and exhibition.   Since its inception in 1996, Surfview Entertainment has been approached by songwriters and artists seeking to finance their next CD, video or concert tours.  While a CD, video and concert tours are 'entertainment  projects', these didn't quite fit Surfview Entertainment's ongoing focus on film and television projects.

Eventually, a light bulb went on.  Since the independent producers that come to Surfview Entertainment need to license music, Surfview,  wanting to include talented songwriters and artists in entertainment projects,  launched Surfview Publishing, becoming a BMI affiliated music publisher and shortly after, the related Surfview Licensing became an affiliate of ASCAP.

Later, Surfview Radio was launched allowing interested parties the ability to listen to a continuous stream of Surfview Publishing and Surfview Licensing controlled pre-cleared mini-songs.

Later, the BuyNowPlaylist™  was launched, allowing Internet radio station clients to generate revenue from their playlists, leveraging associate/affiliate programs that offer a commission on each sale.

After that, Surfview Records was launched allowing the public to acquire mp3s of the songs represented by Surfview Publishing and Surfview Licensing.  On the same day,  Surfview Radio became the second BuyNowPlaylist  client, integrating the Surfview Radio Live Playlist with the Surfview Records store, allowing listeners to easily click on the song they just heard and to buy the full version mp3 download.

While other production music companies market by genre and style of music -- and these are important --  Surfview Publishing goes one step further.  Our music catalog's  primary groupings are by songwriter collections.   The goal is to have clients sample and become intimately familiar with each songwriter's body of work.  Sure, songwriters write for different genres and styles.  But, it's each songwriter's overall quality of work that establishes them as a brand.  In this way, we promote the songwriter as we license their music. 

Surfview Publishing invites you to explore the collection of each songwriter.   Learn more about them and follow their careers.  Return again and sample their newest songs.  Explore, discover, enjoy -- and license -- advancing the careers of the people you have come to know at Surfview Publishing.

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