Hani  /BMI
Hani's fans often enjoy: The Ting Tings, CSS, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Keane, the Bangles and Pussy Cat Dolls.
Genres: Electro-Pop (EP), Alternative (A), Dance (D), Punk Pop (PP), Indie Pop (IP) and Electronica (E)


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(Female Vocals)
19-1 PP/IP/A Buy Now v1:00 Dead Radio (3:45) HE0906A-01 10292310  
19-2 IP/A Buy Now v:1:05 Three Strikes (3:03) HE0906A-03 10189807  
19-3 PP/IP/A Buy Now v1:09 Hot Ice (3:06) HE0906A-05 10189810  
19-4 IP/A Buy Now v:2:03 Wannabe (3:13) HE0906A-07 10189809  
19-5 PP/IP/A Buy Now v1:00  v:58  v:53 Skank (2:48) HE0906A-09 10189811  
19-5 IP/A Buy Now v1:18 Now or Never (3:30) HE0906A-11 10217657  
19-6 IP/A Buy Now v1:05  v:53 Words (2:58) HE0906A-13 10217664  
20-1 A/E Buy Now i:40  i1:01  i:25 Dead Radio Instrumental (3:37) HE0906A-02 10292310  
20-2 IP/E Buy Now i1:05  i1:11   i:34 Three Strikes Instrumental (2:56) HE0906A-04 10189807  
20-3 D/IP/E Buy Now i:41  i:50 i1:28 Hot Ice Instrumental (3:02) HE0906A-06 10189810  
20-4 IP/E Buy Now i1:34  i1:06 Wannabe Instrumental (3:11) HE0906A-08 10189809  
20-5 D/IP/E Buy Now i:38  i:39  i:22  i:32  i:46 Skank Instrumental (2:48) HE0906A-10 10189811  
20-6 IP/E Buy Now i1:29   i1:06 Now or Never Instrumental (3:30) HE0906A-12 10217657  
20-7 D/IP/E Buy Now i1:20  i:54 Words Instrumental (2:54) HE0906A-14 10217664  

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